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Tips to protect & Recover your laptop from hang problem(computer freezes)

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While working on a system sometimes it happens that the computer stops taking commands and becomes still. This situation is called getting hanged or Freezing of computer. There are some common reasons why computer keeps freezing.


Some of them are:-

Reason 1: Sometimes  old hardware (eg. Hard disc, RAM) cause slow read of memory and resulting hang of laptop.

Reason 2: Because of several programs running on the system can also make it unresponsive.

Reason 3:  Dust, overheating and high temperature can also cause your system hang.

Reason 4: This may be because of virus infection to your system and outdated antivirus.

Now let’s see how to unfreeze computer-

Solution 1: If there are several programs running on your laptop and all of sudden it has stopped responding. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del Keys. Task Manager will appear on your screen. Now you can see all the applications running on your system. See if some application is consuming a lot of memory and causing the computer hang.

Right click on the application and click on end task. this will kill the task and free the occupied memory. Free memory is ready to be used by computer CPU and you can see the improvement in speed.

windows task manager- applications

Solution 2: If your laptop or system is over heated and releasing a lot of heat. Check if cooling fans of laptop are working properly. In such situation shut down the system for some time and restart after 5 to 10 minutes or let it be cool for quite some time.

It will be better to change the cooling fan if it is not working properly.

Solution 3: If your workplace is hot and the temperature is more then normal temperature. You should move to some cooler place in this situation.

Solution 4: One more thing you need to check if your computer’s Antivirus is outdated. If you don’t have any Antivirus installed of any outdated Antivirus in your system. Your system can get infected very easily by computer viruses.

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After installing a updated antivirus just complete scan of your computer. This will remove all viruses who are causing slow speed of computer.

If all these tricks don’t work for you. Then better get your laptop checked from any IT Professional. There may be some other serious problem with your system.

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