7 Best Tech Support websites


These are the Tech Support websites you should bookmark in you browser. Well the list i am providing is of top websites which are providing free online technical support. The best part is these websites are huge sources of free information and technical tips and tricks. You can read technical articles and improve your knowledge about PC hardware and troubleshooting.

Now a days technical support is an essential thing. If you are a business owner and run an office. You can examine yourself when your laptop or computer or phone or any technical device stops working. it feels like hell that time. so friends its always better that every person should know a little bit about the technical devices and their working. This is important in the case when the technical support guy is not available and you are in problem. if you know a little bit about the gadgets you can sort them out on your own.

So here is the list. please add in the comment if i am missing any :)

(1) Tomshardware.com– I will rate tomshardware as number one in technical support website. Its full of technical articles on various topics. you can read the articles from biggner level to professional level technical support. you can join tomshardware on facebook,twitter and other social media to be updated about new updates on the site. also you can subscribe to their newsletter to get these technical tips in your inbox.

(2)Techpowerup.com –  Techpowerup is another website which is full of useful technical resources. you can see articles on various computer parts and devices. The website is also providing full product reviews section where you can read product specifications and reviews of various kinds. Techpowerup has a sister site which is “nextpowerup“. Nextpowerup provides technical news to its reader.

(3)techguy.org – techguy is a very effective forum to put your technical problems. there are a lot of helpful forum members who will try to give you a suitable solution for your problem.

(4)chandoo.org – chandoo is an indian blog which provides tips and tricks on Microsoft Excel. If you are a regular user of excel then this is the blog for you. from very basic level tutorial to advance tricks are shared in a very simple language.

(5)techsupportforum.com-techsupportforum is another blog to ask and share your tech issues.

(6)pcsupport.about.com– Another nice blog to get great tips on technology and gadgets. pcsupport.about.com is a dedicated section for technical support from about.com.

(7)www.comodo.com/home/support-maintenance/geekbuddy.php– It’s a paid technical support forum. the prices are economic and these guys are providing tele support and chat support also. so you can try this service also but i would recommend to use free one first.