Studentdesk an innovative startup to buy and sell reading material

Buy used books Exchange novels, magazines, study material - StudentDesk

Today we have an innovative startup which is working as a platform where one can buy, sell and even rent their material. We got a chance to take a quick interview with studentdesk founder Karan Pujara and tried to find out the core objective of (1) Hello Karan, what is is platform where readers […]

Meet the founder of Tracknext Shibam Sarbswa

tracknext logo short

Shibam is an Entrepreneur from New Delhi, India and his recent startup “Tracknext-A business social network”  is getting popularity day by day. He is also co-founder of International Engineer Federation and Shibam is passionate about his dreams and commited towards his life aim. We had a quick QA session with him and tried to know more about him and […]

top 10 free and most popular photo sharing websites

photo sharing websites app instagram

If you are good at taking photograph and you have a fine collection of very decent pictures taken by you. Probably you are looking for some place you could show your talent to your dear ones. There are several photos sharing website on internet where you can upload and share your best photos. Even you […]

How To Install Two Whatsapp Account in an Android Phone

two whatsapp account in android phone

Now a days you can find dual sim with your android phone. So guys how it sounds if you are able to maintain separate whatsapp account to your dual sim android phone. OGWhatsApp made this possible to our smartphones. People don’t want to mix their professional and personal priorities. So with the few steps you […]

SeatFleet – An easy way to create office seating and organization charts

Eric Seifert

Let me introduce you today an innovative solution to create office seating arrangement charts. Eric  Seifert who developed SeatFleet as a side project was looking for a seating arrangement software online but could not find any application providing such facility. When Eric didn’t get any solution for his problem he thought of developing such application […]

Confirmtkt- A unique startup to predict PNR status and train ticket confirmation

confirmtkt - check pnr status confirmation

I just came across a unique startup which helps in identifying chances of confirming your railway ticket. As the Confirmtkt claims to check the probability of PNR status confirmation on basis of unique algorithm developed by Confirmtkt team of two developers. Confirmtkt can help you save both time and money by suggesting you weather […]

Shareboard app – file sharing made easy

Shareboard app

Shareboard is a social file sharing mobile app and it’s currently available to download on Google Play (Android Platform). A team of 5 engineers from Bangalore, India developed this social file sharing application which works on peer-to-peer data transfer technology. Shareboard can be used to transfer files through local area network or wi-fi connection. There is […]

IRCTC : how to check pnr status on mobile through sms

how to check pnr status on mobile through sms

There are various ways how you can check the status of your booking through PNR (passenger name record) number. But sometime when internet is not working in your phone or you don’t have any other option to access irctc then sms. No need to worry about it here. Now you can check your PNR status […]

meaning of lol,asl,wtf,btw,omg,faq,fyi and other most used abbreviations


Ever since the internet chatting has evolved. Uses of abbreviations are very common. Earlier the short words were used to reduce typing long sentences and express your feelings in abbreviations. But now if you see these slang words have come in verbal use in our daily life also. Now days everyone uses these words in internet […]

Top Safe 20+ anonymous proxy server list to access blocked websites

safest proxy-servers list to access blocked websites

Today I am going to share some very useful thing here. Yes it’s a proxy server list. And why these proxy server so much useful for ? I will tell you. Suppose you want to access a website on internet say any music site ( or any social media website (like Facebook, Twitter) or any […]