Complete windows command line cheat sheet

windows command line

Hello friends check out these windows command line cheat sheet below. Windows Registry Commands – (1) C:\>  reg add [\\TargetiPaddr\][RegDomain]\[Key] – Add a key to the registry  on machine. [TargetIPaddr] within the registry domain [Regdomain] to location [key]. If no remote machine is specified, the current machine is assumed. (2) C:\> reg export [Regdomain]\[Key][Filename] – Export all […]

Google Algorithm updates 2014 (infographics)


Google always keeps updating its algorithm to keep the search results relevant. There are many spammers in internet who are always busy in finding unethical ways to manipulate the search ranking of their websites. This practice is called black hat SEO. Using such techniques some guys are able to get the advantage of loopholes in […]