Tips to get highest discount on deals from online shopping sites

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This is festive season and everywhere on internet you can find heavy discounts on products and gadgets like mobile phones, Tablets, Televisions and various other electronic products and home appliances. These online companies are earning huge profits because of this festive season and Same time consumers are equally excited to buy their favorite products on […]

My blogging journey with

starting a blog

Hello friends, it’s been a while I am connected with you through It’s a tech blog which is also a platform for me to share what I know and can be useful for someone else. How I got into blogging is not a long story but moreover it’s a common story. And yes why […]

Complete windows command line cheat sheet

windows command line

Hello friends check out these windows command line cheat sheet below. Windows Registry Commands – (1) C:\>  reg add [\\TargetiPaddr\][RegDomain]\[Key] – Add a key to the registry  on machine. [TargetIPaddr] within the registry domain [Regdomain] to location [key]. If no remote machine is specified, the current machine is assumed. (2) C:\> reg export [Regdomain]\[Key][Filename] – Export all […]