Yet another gift from Google-Free Download Google web Designer

google web designer

Google web designer tool may not be the most used designing tool but it is certainly one of the most efficient tools for web designers. The tool had been launched 30 September 2013 and the last stable version of Google web designer is However the initial versions were lacking in user friendliness in some […]

How to Interlink your blog posts right way

interlink blog post

Keeping the lessons continue from my previous blog post 9 ultimate tips for Search Engine Optimization. After selection of right keywords for you blog now its time to see how Inter linking works.  Internal link building is also a very important part of On page SEO. Using interlinking you blog gets benefited in two ways. […]

How to do keyword research and choose right keywords for your blog

choose right keywords-nextrollout

When we start our blog. We simply want peoples coming to our blog and read the written content.  Everyone wants it and its dream of every blogger. But the thing is does it really happen?? Not with everyone.  Sometimes you are writing your best content but still the article doesn’t get the user’s attraction. The […]

Download free contact management system (contact manager)


Do you have a lot of contacts and you want to keep the detailed information of your contacts so that you can see it whenever you want. The only problem is contact management software’s available in market are very expensive and there is no guarantee that they will suit you or work accordingly you. Here […]

6 fastest resource for FIFA World Cup 2014 live updates

I know each one of you is excited for FIFA world cup 2014 and ready to cheer up your favorite team. Well this year Brazil is going to host the world cup and will start from 12th June to 13th July. There will be total 32 teams and 64 matches in between. I remember 2010 world cup […]

9 Ultimate tips for search engine optimization

search engine optimization tips

we all want our blog or website to be at the top position in SERP. And why not, after all search engines are the one who can drive the most relevant traffic to our website. I often see many newbie bloggers start their blog and start flooding it with a lot of content. Initially they […]

Android app developer tips dos and donts in making android apps


This world marks the peak of technology. And today there is not technology without Androids. Androids are the largest installed base of any gadget platform which is tremendously growing swiftly from time to time. Android gives you everything best and there is hundreds and thousands of people who completely rely on this OS. Because this […]