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Best ways to contact Facebook team directly for support.

In today’s scenario internet, giant Facebook has around 2 billion monthly active users. It’s not just the common users but Facebook has the personal information of a lot of celebrities and public figures. Since it’s a social media platform where everyone keeps his/her personal stuff and yes there are options available how you can limit the public access to your personal items. Still, there are hackers who try to compromise the people’s social media accounts. And because we have our photos, personal information, chats, messages stored on the Facebook, it will be a nightmare for us if someone gets access to them in any way.

In this kind of situation, we would need to reach out for help immediately. The sooner you report to Facebook support team the sooner they will react to your request. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide phone support. Also, please make sure to report the problem from your logged in profile.

Facebook has given several options to reach out to them:

(a) For common help, you can visit Facebook help portal.



(b) Facebook has a very dedicated and helpful team for its business users.



(c) If you are trying to recover your account and even don’t have access to any linked email then you can recover your Facebook account with the help of your friends. You can get more information from the link below.


(d) If you want to report abusive content on Facebook.


(e) If you want to report spam.


(f) If you want to change your page name.


(g) If your personal account is blocked.


(h) If you are unable to select a photo to upload.


(i) If you are not able to login to your Facebook Account.


(j) If your account has been hacked or compromised.


(k) Postal Address.

Facebook Headquarters 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025

(l) Email.


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