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Best Guitar Playing Apps for Guitar Lovers

A guitar is one of the most common musical instruments that music lovers play today. Aside from the fact that it is one of the easiest instruments to play, learning how to play it is also very accessible. Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of smartphone applications today that is designed to provide guitar lessons.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn how to play the guitar or a seasoned guitarist, these guitar-playing applications are very efficient in guiding you in your guitar practices. But while there is a huge selection for it, there only a few that stands out the most. And you may want to download them if you really want to excel in your guitar practices:

1.  Guitar Tuner

This Guitar Tuner from PitchLab is one of the most utilized guitar tuners of many guitarists. Even the beginners and the enthusiasts are seen to favor this app due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Although there are tons of free and available guitar tuners out on the smartphone application market, this one from PitchLab provides a great interface, quality content, and efficient results.

And surely, you will need a great guitar tuner every time you use your guitar. It is important for you to note that you cannot produce great sounds and quality music when your guitar is not in tune. But while you can tune in your guitar manually, it would take time and effort.

2. SmartChord

The smartChord application is largely for guitar lovers who want advance lessons. This application introduces the scale readings and interpretations of certain chords. Essentially, all chords have their respective scale readings. And learning these scales will allow you to play the guitar much more effective and efficient.

So, if you think you are already competent with your chord formation and playing, this is the next smartphone guitar-playing app that you must have. You can advance your lessons with this application. And you can naturally improve your playing skills when you manage to learn the scale readings.










3. Guitar Toolkit

Guitar Toolkit is not basically free. It would require almost 10 bucks to have this app on your smartphone or tablet. But, if you are a passionate guitarist, you would certainly agree that this price is just fitting for its functions and features.

Guitarists and guitar lovers who utilize the Guitar Toolkit app experience much more convenience when it comes to tuning their guitars. This is because the app includes a guitar tuner that will help you tune in the instrument easily and efficiently.

Also, aside from the tuner, the Guitar Toolkit app has a collection of tabs and chords that each user can use for practicing their playing skills. It can also serve users as a metronome. So, it’s an all-inclusive app that each guitar enthusiast could enjoy.

4. Real Guitar Free

Real Guitar Free is a guitar simulator app. This will allow you to virtually understand and learn the chords needed to play the guitar. Strumming and plucking are also accessible to be practiced in this app.

When you are not with your guitar, you can utilize the Real Guitar Free to practice your guitar skills. You could even play it and produce music too. With the use of your smartphone or tablet, you can already play a virtual guitar. And this is really a great tool if you want to practice and excel at playing the guitar.

5.  Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Guitar lovers always have their tablatures with them. And if you really want to practice playing this instrument, your tabs must always be with you, especially if you still have not memorized them all well. Now, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a smartphone application that offers more than 800,000 tabs and chords. In fact, it is one of the largest tab collection sites of today.

You can learn a lot of chords and tracks simply by utilizing this app. However, you would need a stable connection in using the Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords. Nevertheless, it’s free, efficient, and easy to use. And almost every guitar lover has this app on their gadgets.

Learning how to play the guitar is quite easy for most people. But, practice is always the key to learning this instrument efficiently. And these guitar-playing apps are widely accessible tools to help you with your guitar practices. Not only that these can provide you with convenience, but it can offer you improvements as well. So, try to download them now and start playing!


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