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Best Guitar Playing Apps for Guitar Lovers
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A guitar is one of the most common musical instruments that music lovers play today. Aside from the fact that it is one of the easiest instruments to play, learning how to play it is also very accessible. Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of smartphone applications today that is

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ogwhatsapp-how to install two whatsapp account

OGWhatsapp is best android app for you if you want to keep running two whatsapp accounts parallely. As whatsapp is the one of most used mobile application in our mobiles and peoples are much addicted to it. Some seems to check their whatsapp account continuously and time to time. well you can understand

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amazon shopping app

If you see ecommerce sites nowdays there is a big rush to provide hot deals in indian market. Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have almost captured the online shopping space and now the competition is getting hotter in these three players. You can open any site amoung them and

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google chrome extensions

[adrotate banner=”5″] Browser extensions are sometimes called Plugins also. These utility extensions can add many functionalities to your browser and improve your browsing experience to a great extent. Some of the extensions can be useful for specific purposes. like there are some perticular plugins for developers(eg. Web Developer) while there are some

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Pay Anywhere mobile payment app

[adrotate banner=”5″] Mobile Payment, a breakthrough in the field of financial trade is a way of paying your money to anyone using your mobiles in just a couple of seconds. For a mobile to support payment online, the software developers throughout the world have been coming up with the software

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hbo go-movie app
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[adrotate banner=”5″] The use of smartphones has increased over the years with people now being able to perform the various activities they would have been forced to do from their computers or from their television sets right at the comfort of their smartphones. It is even very much possible to

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photo sharing websites app instagram
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[adrotate banner=”5″] If you are good at taking photograph and you have a fine collection of very decent pictures taken by you. Probably you are looking for some place you could show your talent to your dear ones. There are several photos sharing website on internet where you can upload

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two whatsapp account in android phone
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[adrotate banner=”5″] Now a days you can find dual sim with your android phone. So guys how it sounds if you are able to maintain separate whatsapp account to your dual sim android phone. OGWhatsApp made this possible to our smartphones. People don’t want to mix their professional and personal

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