OGWhatsapp- App to use two whatsapp accounts

OGWhatsapp is best android app for you if you want to keep running two whatsapp accounts parallely. As whatsapp is the one of most used mobile application in our mobiles and peoples are much addicted to it. Some seems to check their whatsapp account continuously and time to time. well you can understand the addiction…

But here we are talking about the double dose of Whatsapp. If you have two phone numbers and you want to run different whatsapp accounts on two seprate phone number then OGWhatsapp is the best app for you. And the good thing is you don’t require anything else to maintain this application. As i have already explained the steps to install and get the accounts activated in a seprate tutorial.

So once you are done with the installation and both the accounts are setup well. Now all you need is a beautiful whatsapp dp to glow your account. Just follow these links to get best whatsapp dps for your whatsapp accounts.




So now you are ready to rock the world. Enjoy your dual whatsapp 🙂

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