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What is 3d printing and how it works

3D Printing or Additive manufacturing is a process in which a 3 Dimensional  solid object is prepaired with the help of digital modal. In additive technique materials are added to form a 3D object by a 3D modal data. Additive manufacturing is different from traditional methods where the 3D objects where created using subtracting the material.

You can watch this youtube video for more clearity-

3D Printing is a revolution and it has affected a lot of industries like engineering, construction, medical and a lot more. Now a days product designs are made using 3Dsoftwares and then formed into objects using 3D printers. During times 3D printers have also become more efficient and easy to use.

How does 3D Printing happens?

The first step to 3D Printing is creating a digital modal. You will require a 3D Printing software to create a 3D digital object modal. There are several softwares in the market which you can use like Bonzi3D, FormZ, OpenSCAD, Photo2Mesh etc. So some of these are CAD and some of them are 3D scanner.

Actually 3D Modeling software makes many layers of 3D object modal that are called slices. These slices are then read by 3D Printers. 3D printers read these slices one by one and forms every layer. However the printer makes the 3D object slice by slice but you can’t find any sign of it and you can see your 3D printing object in building in frount of you. You can check out this link to find out more details on 3D printing.

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