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Hide Pictures and Videos Using Vaulty App in Android
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Privacy, who doesn’t need that? Mostly every one of us has a few photos and videos that we want to keep private. Some may be too weird or embarrassing shoots, but you don’t want to delete that on the same time you need them to be hidden from others. So,

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10 Best Network Signal Speed Booster Apps for Android
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Are you suffering from the poor network signal issues? In today’s year of 4G, if your Youtube videos still take a time to buffer then you need these best Network Signal Booster Apps for Android. These applications will help you to buffer fast and download files at a boosted speed.

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ogwhatsapp-how to install two whatsapp account

OGWhatsapp is best android app for you if you want to keep running two whatsapp accounts parallely. As whatsapp is the one of most used mobile application in our mobiles and peoples are much addicted to it. Some seems to check their whatsapp account continuously and time to time. well you can understand

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photo sharing websites app instagram
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[adrotate banner=”5″] If you are good at taking photograph and you have a fine collection of very decent pictures taken by you. Probably you are looking for some place you could show your talent to your dear ones. There are several photos sharing website on internet where you can upload

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two whatsapp account in android phone
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[adrotate banner=”5″] Now a days you can find dual sim with your android phone. So guys how it sounds if you are able to maintain separate whatsapp account to your dual sim android phone. OGWhatsApp made this possible to our smartphones. People don’t want to mix their professional and personal

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confirmtkt - check pnr status confirmation

[adrotate banner=”5″] I just came across a unique startup which helps in identifying chances of confirming your railway ticket. As the Confirmtkt claims to check the probability of PNR status confirmation on basis of unique algorithm developed by Confirmtkt team of two developers. Confirmtkt can help you save both

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Shareboard app

[adrotate banner=”5″] Shareboard is a social file sharing mobile app and it’s currently available to download on Google Play (Android Platform). A team of 5 engineers from Bangalore, India developed this social file sharing application which works on peer-to-peer data transfer technology. Shareboard can be used to transfer files through local

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[adrotate banner=”5″] This world marks the peak of technology. And today there is not technology without Androids. Androids are the largest installed base of any gadget platform which is tremendously growing swiftly from time to time. Android gives you everything best and there is hundreds and thousands of people who

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