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10 Best Network Signal Speed Booster Apps for Android

Are you suffering from the poor network signal issues? In today’s year of 4G, if your Youtube videos still take a time to buffer then you need these best Network Signal Booster Apps for Android. These applications will help you to buffer fast and download files at a boosted speed.

1. Internet Booster: This app has 4.5 rating at play store and over 5 million downloads. The app claims that it can boost your internet speed up to 30% to 50%. It boosts the MTU that clears the DNS cache, provides better ping and boosts the downloading speed.

internet speed booster app internet booster for android NextRollOut

2. WIFI Analyzer: This app has over 10 million downloads and 4.4 ratings on play store. It provides a deep analysis of the signal and boosts the speed with the option to choose the best signal around the crowded ones.

Wifi Analyzer Network Speed Booster NextRollOut

3. Internet Signal Booster: This application has over 1 million downloads and claims to boost your internet speed and regulate the network signal stability. Users report that it works best for the phone signal but have minor problems with Wifi signals.

speed up your phone with network signal booster nextrollout

4. Connection Stabiliser Booster: This application has 1 million downloads and rated with 4.2. This application suits best for mobile data connection. It acts as a reconnect and speed booster for 2G, EDGE, GPRS, 3G and even 4G wireless networks.

Connection Stabilizer Booster Network Speed Signal Booster NextRollOut

5. WIFI Master: Speed Test and Booster: It has 4.5 rating and over 1 million downloads on play store. The application promises to keep your Wifi speed listening fast, stable and secure.

Speed Up Your Mobile Network With WiFi Master Speed Test Booster Nextrollout

6. WIFI Signal Booster: This app has over 10 thousand downloads and rated with 4.4 on play store. It provides a 3-D interactive style and easy to remove interface. This works best for Wifi Signals stability.

Speed Up Your Mobile Network Signal With Wifi Signal Booster Extender NextRollOut

7. WIFI Network Signal Booster: This application is rated as 4.4. This net-boost application improves the reception, stabilizes the network and provides boosted speed for fast downloading and eliminates buffering.

Kick Of Network Signal Problem with WIFI Network Signal Booster NextRollOut

8. Network Booster-WIFI Manager: This app has over 50 thousand downloads. This app has a unique interface and provides display meters for signal strengths and weakness. A single click recovers a lost wifi signal.

Network Booster-WiFi Manager for Network Signal Speed Booster App For Android NextRollOut

9. Network Master-Speed Test: This application boosts the internet speed, monitors mobile internet usage and also serves as a network analyzer for better performance. It has over 10 million downloads and 4.5 ratings on play store.

Network Master Speed Test App for Network Signal booster for  Android

10. Network Booster-Speed and Security: This app has over 10 thousand downloads and 4.5 ratings on play store. It is best among top 10 apps to boost your internet speed, detect the best network around you, provide wifi security and estimates the remaining charge time.

Android App For Network Booster Speed & Security NextRollOut

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