Android app developer tips dos and donts in making android apps

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This world marks the peak of technology. And today there is not technology without Androids. Androids are the largest installed base of any gadget platform which is tremendously growing swiftly from time to time. Android gives you everything best and there is hundreds and thousands of people who completely rely on this OS. Because this is the rapidly growing mobile OS, the App developers should be very alert in developing this OS.

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Let’s look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts in making Android Apps


  • Consider the user when you are building the App. There is no point in developing apps which is not useful to the user. Many a time what happens is developing an app becomes priority rather than realizing how to use it and what is the need of it in a user’s real life. No user will welcome any new app which does not support his uses. The user will definitely take the effort to learn the app which is useful to him.
  • Develop the Apps in such a way that it can incorporate scalability and integration. If you are developing the first version of any App, you should always pave way for extensibility in future. Often what happens is developers go according to the current trend of applications, leaving behind their first versions overlooked. A copious number of mobile apps are developed today which serves only for a shorter period of time. If you do not include scalability, this could lead to a lot of re-configuring, once a new version or functionality is released.
  • Another fact which lures the eyes of the user is the color. Choose the best color because Android phones are capable of exhibiting iridescent colors.Use cooperative colors for designing your apps. Remember the fact that Android phones are created in such a way that it can be used anywhere and everywhere. Hence the apps you design should integrate colors that actually work in environments with some other lighting and displays.


Now let’s look at Don’ts

  • Do not design you app in such a manner that it sticks on to a specific form and screen size. Your app should be developed in such a way that is should be applicable to both touch screens and a normal Android phone which uses navigation keys.But as we are aware that today navigation key phones are almost expired, the apps can be developed in a manner which suits all size screens. Make sure to give some thought on how your app will look since it grows or shrinks on different Android device screens.
  • Do not let your application cover too many specifications. Instead, focus on specific uses which can be helpful to the user. Android applications which focus specific uses are always in good demand by the users.

Already some performance tips are explained in Android Developer Website

These are some of the do’s and don’ts which should be taken into account while developing an App in Android Operating System.

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