How to enable hibernate in Windows 8

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Today, in this post I am going to share my own life experience with you.  Last week my hard disk got out of order and I had to remove it from my laptop. When I bought a new hard disk for my laptop I thought it will be a good idea to install Windows 8 in it instead of Windows 7 again (As I already like the look and user interface of Windows 8).

Everything was fine until I started closing my laptop. After finishing my work when I tried to hibernate I did not find any option in side menu bar. For quite some days I was looking for the option to enable hibernation setting. Later on an IT guy taught me how to enable hibernation in my computer. I thought this might be helpful to someone else because anyone can get into this situation.

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Please follow these steps if you want to do it in your computer. Make sure the OS is windows 8.

Step 1:- Go to control panel -> Power Options

Step2:- Click on top most option (Change what the power buttons do)

Step 3:- After selecting the option (Change what the power buttons do) a window will appear where you can see three options.

(1)    When I press the power button

(2)    When I press the sleep button

(3)    When I close the lid


You can change the settings according to options like if you want the computer shut down/hibernate when you press power button just select the option from list.

If you scroll down you will see the section of Shut Down settings where you will find four options.

(1)    Turn on fast startup

(2)    Sleep

(3)    Hibernate

(4)    Lock

Just check the hibernate option which is unchecked. Now the hibernate will start appearing in power setting.


I hope the article has helped you achieve what you want. Please share if it has helped you. Sharing the tips may help someone else who is in need.

I found one video tutorial also on which explain how to enable hibernation in your PC

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