How to hide a folder in Windows 8

Hidden folder in windows8

I still remember when at home we used to have a single computer and my younger brother and sister used to work on it. we all had our own folders and files into it. There sometimes i wanted to keep some folders hidden from my brother and sister. Hope you also had same kind of situation sometimes. So let’s start this trick how you can hide a folder in Windows 8.

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Step1: Go to windows explorer where you want to hide the folder.

Step 2: Select View from the menu items.

hide folder in windows8

Step 3: Select the folder which you want to hide and select Hide Selected Items.

hide a folder in windows8

As soon as you select this option the folder you have selected will disappear from window explorer.

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Now how you will bring back the same folder. its simple :)

Near Hide selected items option you will see an option Hidden items. Just select that option. As soon as you check that option all the hidden files will be visible to view.

unhide a folder in windows8

Hope you will not have any problem in hiding your private data from others. if you have any other method to do hide folder please comment below. Also please don’t forget to share these tips with your friends. you never know who need it.