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Top 5 websites to kick start your email marketing

For all those friends who are thinking of starting their email marketing campaign.  This post is for you…

Why Email Marketing:

As we all know email marketing is one of the best way to bring quality traffic to your website or blog.This is one of the coolest way to keep up with the readers with your blog.

  1. You can send your latest updates to your readers or sometimes you can just wish them on any occasion.
  2. Sending your newsletters to the readers on a certain periods keeps them notifying about the latest events of your blog.
  3. User engagement increases effectively

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So now let’s look at the top 5 email marketing tools which can help you start your email marketing-
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(1) : MailChimp provides very easy interface and user friendly dashboard to maintain your list of contacts (mailing list). There are thousands of ready-made email templates available where you just have to enter your content and images and email is ready to be sent. Also a decent set of reports are available to analyze different aspects of your marketing efforts. The best part of the MailChimp  is you can integrate google analytics with it so that you can gather the required reports easily.

also with a responsive interface you can access and operate the MailChimp account with your mobile.

(2) mailgen is another free email marketing tool that gives you several features so that you can creative attractive newsletters for your campaign. It gives you drag and drop email editor, social media integration and also integration with mobile marketing tools.

(3) reachmail also provides all required features for your email marketing need.

(4) GreenArrow : Yet another email marketing tool that provide easy to use interface and powerful reporting and high capability of sending emails. As per the website GreenArrow can send more then one million messages per hour from a single server.

(5) Mailkitchen is also a good email marketing tool that will fulfill your need of running fast forward campaigns. Also it gives you first 15000 email credit free. so its a plus point if you want to test it for quite some time.

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However i have used some of these tools myself but i will recommend you to use them personally and then make a choice yourself.

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