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List of free online CSS Compression tools

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We all know that css is used in web designing to beautify websites but sometime excessive use of css can make your website slow and will result in bad user experience. So if you compress your css file you can make the size of your css file shorter which will load faster the uncompressed file. Here i am listing some free tools to compress your css online. you just need to copy your css code to these compression tools and they will do the rest for you.

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CSS compression tips and tools

Also there are different levels of compression in some tools like High, Medium and Low. The difference if of compression method and the ratio of compression. But before having a look at these tools lets know first how these tools reduce the size of css code.

How CSS Compressor Works?

You must be amazed how the css compressor reduces the size of your css file. These compressors remove the white spaces and line breaks which occupy unnecessary space in the file and increase the size.  However you can remove them manually and optimize the css but it’s a time-consuming process so better do it using these tools.

Simple Tips to Optimize CSS Manually

  1. Remove unnecessary spaces
  2. Remove unnecessary line breaks
  3. Don’t do a lot of commenting
  4. Please comment below if you know any other tips 🙂

List of Online CSS Compression Tools

If you know any other tool to compress CSS online. Please share with a comment.

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