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Analyze and improve your website’s speed with Yahoo YSlow

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Have you ever seen any website which takes a lot of time to load on browser.

Is your website or blog also one of them.

Does your website takes ages to load and at the same time other websites open up very fast and have much more data into it. The reason behind your websites slow performance can be anything. this may be because of images or CSS or the Javascript files in the webpage.

Or it may be simply your hosting provider. some websites run on shared servers and that’s why they get slow cause they don’t have dedicated bandwidth.

You can analyze your website’s performance with a plugin called YSlow. This plugin is offered by Yahoo and very effective to find out reasons why the webpage is not performing well.

you can download it from this url

This plugin gives you suggestions how you can improve your page speed. The suggestions are given section wise so that you can focus of step wise step optimization. Accordingly this plugin rates your webpage as per its speed optimization level.

So if you really want to know how your page is performing and how to increase speed go for YSlow.

Yahoo Yslow plugin is now available for Mozila Firefox and Crome both.

you can download for Mozila from this link-

Also download for Google Crome from here-



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