Google Drive or Dropbox which one is best cloud file storage

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Cloud file storage is the best option to keep your files on internet. It’s very easy to access them from anywhere and you can download them anytime you need your files. the best thing is some free cloud file storage companies are providing enough space space to keep your all important files on cloud.

Two most used cloud file storage provider are Google Drive and Dropbox. Both the companies are providing free space with other services. lets compare both the companies head to head and find out which one is best suited for you.

 google drive dropbox
 Google Drive provides you 5 GB initial free space. Dropbox provides you 2 GB of initial free space.
 Google Drives is supported in Windows and Mac OS Dropbox is supported in all platforms which include Windows,Mac OS, Linux
New Documents can be created, edited or deleted in google drive. Google docs is now the google drive. You can also open and edit microsoft word, excel and powerpoint file in Google Drive. To edit any document you will have to download the document.
 Google Drive provides persolalized file sharing and sync option. you can share the file with other users. Dropbox does not provides this facility.
 Website link: Website link:

So you have seen all the major features of both the file storage websites. Now its up to you to select which one is best.

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