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9 Ultimate tips for search engine optimization

we all want our blog or website to be at the top position in SERP. And why not, after all search engines are the one who can drive the most relevant traffic to our website. I often see many newbie bloggers start their blog and start flooding it with a lot of content. Initially they feed the more content they will stuff in their blog the more attention of search engines they will get. Actually it’s not true.

Off course the content is very important for a blog but only the quality content.

And if you don’t optimize your website/blog according to search engines it’s going to cost you a lot.

So here I am sharing some tips on search engine optimization that will increase your website traffic from Google organic search.

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(1) Select appropriate Keywords:

Hay, this is very important. Always try to put keywords in your post that are used by peoples in search. Don’t choose typical phrases as keyword. Try to make it simple.

Imagine how you search for a restaurant in your area. So always try to think what keyword they are going to type in search engine and use them in your post. It’s simple. Just don’t overstuffed your post. using right keywords can boost your search engine optimization drastically.

(2) Interlink your posts:

While writing a post, always try to link back to your own blog. This strategy is very important to distribute the PR link juice to all the pages of blog. Also this technique keeps blog reader engaging and they keep reading the other posts of your blog. However while making such links always keep in mind that the links should be relevant to the existing post. If the post is about quite different topic then the links this may drive your blog reader crazy.

Don’t make excessive links keep them balanced.

(3) Always keep a sitemap:

Sitemaps are one of the most important thing in a website or a blog. Without a sitemap the search engine may not be able to crawl your website pages properly.

Off course, what’s the point if the Google can’t find you.

(4) Use canonical URLs:

Search engines give preference to canonical urls then a url having a blah blah blah query string.

What I mean is use

instead of this

(5) Don’t use Flash or Frame:

Flash plug-in or flash templates on your website may look very attractive but search bots can not crawl them. Hence the flash templates are of no use as per the SEO purpose. Instead of you are using flash in your website Google will not give preference to your website. Same with the HTML frames.

(6) Put Image description or alt tags on Images:

keeping image in your blog post or website is very informative. It’s said that One image is equal to thousand words.

But when it comes to search bots the picture is quite different. Bots can not understand the image until you have provided image description with them. Hence its very important to always write description of the images you post in your website.

There is one more benefit of keeping description of the images that they appear in image search results. When someone search in Google Image Search for something. Google reads the description of your image and display the image in search result accordingly.

(7) Write original content:

You can think yourself. Why the reader would come to your website or blog. What are you sharing in your blog that’s not available on other websites.

If you are also generating same content why would someone come to your website. I don’t mean you can’t write on the topics already available on internet. It’s just you should share your own story on them. Hope you have got my point.

(8) Use Social Media to Promote your Blog:

Social media is the most important factor in SEO now a days. The more shared content on social media is considered more fresh and relevant by Search Engines. So if you are writing any blog post or website page. Atlease share the content over major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc.

(9) Generate Quality Backlinks:

Well, let’s first understand what are backlinks. They are links to your website from other websites. The more reputed the backlink giving website the more value your website will get in Google.

Let’s understand it with an example. If someday Forbes magazine writes a post about your business and put’s a link of your website in the article. As has high pagerank then your website. Your website will start getting value in Google. Also you may get more traffic to your website.

Hence generating backlinks is a good strategy to increase your website’s page rank. Just don’t do it excessively.


I guess you must have a better sense of search engine optimization for your website. However I will be explaining each point in my further posts. Till then keep reading and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends. Also if you have any other tips on SEO please share below.

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