Will guest blogging still help in SEO?

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If you are using guest post to gain page rank for your website or blog. You should have a look at the post of matt cutts.

Google will soon stop giving preference to guest post as far as the SEO is concerned. The reason is most of the bloggers are doing it in wrong way. some are doing guest post excessively and posting irreverent articles to get do-follow links.

Now the question is when the Google will start discouraging guest post activity. Will it still help to bloggers in anyway or will it still be any useful activity to increase page rank.

As per me Guest post may still help you increase your page rank. Just one thing you need to keep in mind that don’t do it excessively and don’t try to do it every blog even if its in a different niche. do it in your niche only.

If you are delivering high quality content in your guest posts then definitely it will attract attention of website visitors and your website will start getting high traffic which will result in increase of your Page Rank in SERP. So this way your PR may not increase overnight but by the time Google will start giving weightage to your blog.


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