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How To Block Websites On Google Chrome?
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Do you want to block some specific websites which are annoying you? Or Do you want to block certain websites which are not suitable for your kids? Or do you wish to block some sites so that your employees will not use this while working in the office? So, must

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[adrotate¬†banner=”5″] Google always keeps updating its algorithm to keep the search results relevant. There are many spammers in internet who are always busy in finding unethical ways to manipulate the search ranking of their websites. This practice is called black hat SEO. Using such techniques some guys are able to

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[adrotate banner=”5″] If you are using guest post to gain page rank for your website or blog. You should have a look at the post of¬†matt cutts. Google will soon stop giving preference to guest post as far as the SEO is concerned. The reason is most of the bloggers

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