Google Algorithm updates 2014 (infographics)

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Google always keeps updating its algorithm to keep the search results relevant. There are many spammers in internet who are always busy in finding unethical ways to manipulate the search ranking of their websites. This practice is called black hat SEO. Using such techniques some guys are able to get the advantage of loopholes in Google search algorithm.
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As we know there is nothing perfect in this world and so do the Google search algorithm. So the keep the search results relevant Google keeps updating its search logic. The updates are done in random period and sometimes the updates are minor but sometimes there are major changes in Google search logic. Such changes put very strong effect on some websites. Usually the websites using black hat SEO gets hit and louse their ranking. So lets know about the updates Google has done in its search algorithm in 2014.

6th Feb – Google made changes to penalize sites with a lot of ads on the first fold of the webpage.

16th May- these changes were to target spammed queries.

19th May- Panda 4.0 update came on 19th May. This change was targeted towards discouraging the websites having low quality or thin content.

12 Jun – this change was also done to bring down spammy queries.

28 Jun- Google dropped all authorship photos from its search result pages.

24 Jul- In Pigeon update Google made changes in Local search results that are tied more closely traditional search ranking.

6th Aug- This is the most recent update Google has done. Google announced that it will give preference to websites who are using secure socket layer and data encryption. However it will not be a big boost but in future it may be one of the factors to high search ranking.

Here i am showing all the updates in the infographics.

Google algorithm updates nextrollout


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