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Story behind names of famous programming languages (Infographics)

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Hello guys, nice to see you here again after a while. well today i am going to write on some fun stuff. it may not be any trick  but you will like it. i am sure. You must have heard of programming languages like C, C++ or mayb Java somewhere and if you are a programmer then what to say. you know all of them well. some days back i thought of how these programming languages may have got their names cause each language is having a decent name. there must be some story behind every name. so here i am with the interesting story (or a brief reason) how these languages were given the names.

JAVA  :  JAVA was developed in Sun Michrosystems in early 1990s. Initially it was called Oak but this name was already a trademark for another programming language. Later on the team was agree on the name JAVA which was a simbol of their love for coffie.

C : C is considered as the mother of all mordern programming languages and was developed by Dennis Ritchie.  As the C was developed after B language its name was kept C cause C comes after B in alphabets.

C++ : After addition object oriented methodology in C language the new language was called C++. ++ which is used as incremental operator was added to show the addition of features in C language.

Objective C : Objective C was developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love. Later the Objective C was licenced by Steave Jobs for NeXT. The name shows the objective oriented nature of the language.

LOGO : LOGO was developed by MIT scientists for educational puropose. The language name was kept after “Logos” .

Ruby:  Ruby language was developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto(Matz).  In those days Matz had a collegue Ishitsuka which had brthstone Ruby. Matz kept the new language name Ruby after this.

Do you know the story of any other language. would you like to share 🙂

story behind names of famous programming languages (infographics)



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