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10 HTML Tags you should know about

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Well, as we all know HTML is the basic of every webpage we see in our web browser when we visit any website. often we amaze how these websites gets created and what are the building blocks for them.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a tag based language which is used to build webpages. well there are some other elements like java-script and other server side scripting languages like ASP or PHP etc, but HTML is the primary element of any webpage. You can see the html coding of any webpage, just right click on any webpage and click on source code or simply press Ctrl + U.


This may seems like going over head but trust me guys its not as tough as it seems to understand. and once you understand these basics you can at least easily understand any webpage structure.

here i am going to talk about 10 basic tags of HTML.

(1) Head:

This is the head of every webpage. remember every tag in html starts like  <Tag> and ends like </Tag>.

<HEAD> …. </HEAD>


This tag is used for keeping a title of the webpage. you can see this title in the browser’s tab. this tag is kept inside <HEAD> tag.

<HEAD><Title>Hello this is my first page</Title></HEAD>

(3) Body:

This tag is used to define the body of webpage. the <Body> tag starts right after finishing of <head> tag.


These are the tags which are used to create any heading of the paragraph. There are total three types of headings. <H1>,< H2>,< H3>, <H4>,< H5>,< H6>.
e.g. <H1>This is my article</H1>
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< P> tag is used to start a paragraph.


< p>This is a test paragraph, blah blah blah…

(6)Anchor Tags:

Anchor tags are the hyper references which are used to create links between two documents.

e.g. <a href=”http://www.google.com”>link to google search</a>


Image tags are used to display any image into the webpage.

e. g. <img src=”img.jpg” >

this tag will load and display the image from its source to the webpage.

(8) Inputs Tags:

Input tags are used to create several kind of controls into webpage. input controls like textbox, dropdown or a checkbox or a radio button etc. are build using input tags.

e. g. < input name=”txt” type=”Text” /> will create a input box in webpage.

(9)Unordered list:

<UL>is the tag which is used to create a list of elements. inside <ul> we keep <li> tag to define list items of the list.\

e. g. <ul>

<li>first element</li>

<li>second element</li>


(10) Comment Tag:

Last but not the least < !  is the tag which is used to create the comments inside html coding.

e.g. < !– hi is this comment –>

These were the 10 most used tags in a webpage we should generally have the knowledge of. however there are many other html tags are there which i could not cover in this article.i will try to include them in my other articles.

i hope this article will improve your understanding about a webpage. please let me know what are the other tags you would like to know about and will surely write an article on them. thanks.

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