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5 Basic tips to protect your online accounts from hackers

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Now a days Its very important to keep your internet accounts safe whether its Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook or Twitter. Most of us choose a very simple password while making such online accounts.

I have personally seen the guys who simply type “india123” as their account password. you can imagine how secure their account from hackers or the person who wants to have a look into your account.

Here i am sharing some basic tips how you can secure your online profile and keep away hackers.

Tip 1: Keep a strong password

keep an alphanumeric password. in your password keep some letters, some numbers and some special characters, also keep some letters in upper case and some in lower case. i.e. formula for a strong password is- = letters + numbers + special characters.

Don’t use easily guessable passwords (e. g. girlfriend’s name, father’s name, favourite place). so instead of keep a easy password like “india123” you can keep a password like “InDia@987”.

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Tip 2: Don’t open emails from unknown sources

Hackers often use this trick. They send mails from unknown sources with fake mail ides. sometimes these mails contains links or attachments. don’t click these links as they may take you some other domain and affected with virus. or don’t open such suspicious attachments.

I often get mails from some fake emails that you have won some lottery or some kind of contest and going to get millions of dollars in reword. I was then surprised that i didn’t even know about this lottery. Do not provide your any kind of information (personal or bank account related) to such emails. they may take undue advantage of your ignorance.


Tip 3: Don’t click the links who ask you to log in to your mail id

Sometimes you may get some phishing mails luring you to log in using the link in the mail. this may be phishing mail. Once you click that link you will be redirected to a log in page which looks similar to log in page of Gmail or Facebook or such websites. As soon as you enter your log in id and password. it will be saved in some temporary files and hacker can now see your password.

So instead of clicking such links, directly type the URL into browser’s address bar to access your log in.

Tip 4: Properly log out your account, don’t just close the browser or its tab

Many of us have a habit to directly close the browser or tab when we leave the system. This habit can be dangerous sometimes as if after closing of tabs or browser, the session remains still active.

This habit can be dangerous when you are accessing your account in a cyber cafe. because as soon as you leave the system someone next will sit on the same system and access your account if its not logged out properly.

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Tip 5: Change your password on regular intervals

Some peoples don’t change their passwords for long periods. this is not a good practice. its always good to keep changing your online account password on some particular intervals so that if it is leaked out mistakenly it will prevent other person to access your account.

So friends these are some basic tips to keep your online accounts safe from being hacked. while these are very basic things but we should not ignore them. instead we should bring these into our regular routine.

Also keep a good antivirus installed in your computer always. there are several free versions of antivirus available online.

like : Avast Free antivirus. you can download one for your computer from here.

 AVG Free Antivirus.

 MCAFEE Free Trial.


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