5 Important steps to make your computer work fast

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often we come across such situations when we feel our computer is running slow. well there are few activities we can perform which can keep our computer always healthy and fast in speed.

(1) Remove Unwanted Programms: The first thing you need to check how much free space you have in C: drive. its usually a drive where our OS is installed. if the drive is not having enough space it will slower the system.  you need to uninstall some unwanted programs from your system. follow these steps to uninstall any program from your system.

Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features

(2) Remove Temporary Files: Temporary files are generated by system itself. but when you don’t clean these temporary files it starts making your system slow.

Go to Start -> Run -> type  %temp%

temp command

after typing this command you will see some temporary files in a directory. just delete them. restart your computer after this activity.

(3) Delete Internet History and browser cookies: Another thing you can do is delete your browser’s history and cookies. every time you surf internet. websites make cookie to store session and other information into your systems cache. when it is full it makes your system and internet run slower.

(4) Remove Unwanted Start up programs: When we start our computer. several programs start with it e.g. Google talk. if you use the program that’s OK but if you don’t use that program that it takes space in computer’s memory unnecessarily.

to remove these unwanted programs please follow these steps below-

Go to Start -> search for start up folder -> click to open it

there you will find a list of programs. now you can select what are the unwanted programs and remove them from the list.

startup in windows7

(5) Use CCleaner for computer cleaning: Ccleaner is a very nice software to clean computer cache and temporary files. you can either download its free version or purchase full version from this link.

i will recommend you to use free version first.

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