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Why do you need responsive design for your website

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As we have seen now a days use of internet is not limited to just desktop or laptops. Internet is widely being accessed by peoples on mobile phones and tablets also. That means you need one website designed for laptop, one for desktop, one for tablet and one separate for mobile?

No, you don’t 🙂

Responsive design makes it easy for you.

What is Responsive Design:

Responsive design makes use of CSS3 and HTML5 Tags.  A responsive design adjust itself into the device screen resolution and fits itself into available screen size.  So when someone opens your website into a desktop or a laptop it will be a desktop screen optimized website and when you open it in a mobile it will open as a mobile site.

So now you need only one website which is responsive and that will work on all the devices.

The key element of responsive design is it’s ability to detect the screen resolution.


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How to use it in Webpages:

you can make your website responsive using media queries. Just make separate stylesheet for each kind of media device like For Desktop we have created desktop.css,  for tablet we have created tablet.css and for mobile devices we have created mobile.css.

Now you have to set the media query for each type of device.

< link href=”mobilestyle.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen and (max-device-width: 400px)” rel=”stylesheet” />

The beauty of responsive design is it will detect the device by its given resolution and call the css file accordingly.  The resulting output will be different layout in different device.

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Responsive design has made it really easy to meet the need of today’s rapidly changing device screen sizes and resolutions.  Please comment yes if your website is responsive.

and if your answer is NO. Trust me you need it for sure.  🙂


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