Why i don’t like iPhone

Well you heard it right, i don’t like iPhone.

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No offence but there are some solid reasons why i don’t feel iPhone will be a great choice for me when it comes to smartphone. with time so many competitors have arrived in the market who are offering better hardware and configuration then iPhone.  Also the Android has already eaten a big piece of market share from iOS. This is the time when iPhone has to bring some revolutionary features in the market and overcome its existing limitations else the users keep migrating from Apple to Android.

So lets have a look at the reasons why i don’t like iPhone.


(1) The Screen Size :-

Screen size really matters believe me.

When i see someone using its Samsung Galaxy S4 with almost more then one inch wide screen then iPhone (4 inch). It feels like iPhone sucks. However the interface and the user experience of iPhone is comparatively much better then other phones but playing games, watching movies or chatting more fun in big screen.

(2) No External Memory Slot:-

iPhone comes with fixed internal memory. once you buy it you will have to manage with the available internal memory. While other phones like its close competitor Samsung galaxy S4 has good option to extend its memory up to 64 GB.

(3) Small Battery Life:-

One more reason to dislike iPhone is short battery life. Many friends of mine who are using iPhone often complaint about this issue in their phone.

(4) App Store – Nothing Free here:-

Well apple’s app store is full of utility apps which are really productive and innovative. The issue is almost every app has a cost to download. On the other hand in android platform you can download similar functioning apps free of cost.

This is one of the biggest reason why most peoples of developing countries prefer Android instead of apple.

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(5) No FM 🙁

Yes, iPhone doesn’t have inbuilt FM. What’s that mean is, i can not hear my favorite FM channels on my Phone.

There are the five basic reasons why i don’t like iPhone and chose Android Phone.  However this is my personal opinion and i still believe that iPhone has some incredible features that other phones do not have.

Please share your views if you also feel the same way or you have ever faced any problem with iPhone.

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