Why curved screen phones are better then flat screen

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Recently LG launched its first curved screen smartphone LG Flex in indian market. (see my previous post). Which is having curved screen.

LG launches first curved screen smartphone in indian market lg g flex

I was really thinking why they have thought of making the screen of phone curved. Is it just a marketing trick or  there is any additional advantage of doing so?.

the answer is Yessssssss

There are many benefits of curved screen. let’s check out them one by one…

(1) Improvement in image quality & contrast:

Manufacturers of Curved screen smartphones (eg. Samsung, LG) make use  of OLED display. OLED (organic light emitting diode) which improves picture quality and contrast to a great extent.

(2) Magnification:

Have you ever seen any curved screen TV.  If you observe the curved screen TV can be watched from longer distance. Similarly the curved screen phone screen is visible and better readable from much longer distance then the flat screen.


(3) Clear view in daylight:

I think you might have heard about the law of reflection in physics. Well if you don’t really let me make it clear. when the light falls on the flat panel it reflects the light rays back. These reflecting rays makes our vision blur and that’s why we don’t see the phone’s screen properly. Which results less readability.

Curved screen helps in reducing the light reflection which results better readability and display in daylight also.

(4) Better position while talking: One more advantage of curved screen is when you talk with flash screen phones sometimes they are too close to your ear or face that you can not here the person properly. Curved screen keep appropriate distance with the face and phone.

I hope these reasons are enough to prove the advantage of curved screen over flat screen phone.  So what do you think now…

Would you buy a LG G Flex?   🙂

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