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Monitor your website for downtime with Pingdom

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Do you know how many times in a day your website or blog goes down?

If your answer is NO. you should think over it twice.

It’s because suppose you have a beautiful website with enriched content. And you are working hard to bring the traffic to your website, but for some reasons your website stops working all of a sudden and you are not aware about it cause you are busy somewhere else.

Imagine the visitors who are coming to your website will see there  nothing or some crappy error. The visitor will not come again.

It’s better to set an alarm system which will keep updating you instantly about downtime of your website. so lets have a look at best website monitoring tool. is a free online alert system which keeps pinging your web server on regular intervals. As soon as it finds the server is not responding system shoots a mail at your email id. Its highly beneficial to reduce the period of downtime. You can also access detailed reports on your website’s downtime.

All you need to do is get registered with the and set your website’s url to be monitored.

You can also download pingdom app for android platform from google play store.

Pingdom app to monitor website

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