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The Top 10 Best Music Making Apps For iOS

If you’re not happy with listening to music alone and you’ve always wanted to do something different such as create your own music, then the best app to download music won’t suffice for you. There are tons of people who spend a lot of time on their phones trying to create the perfect music and if you want to be one of them you need the right apps. While there are a lot of apps that you can find on the Android platform, you can’t use most of these apps on iOS. If you use an iOS device, then here’s a list of the top ten apps that you can use to produce your own music.

1. Yamaha TNR-i
The Yamaha TNR-i is said to be an amazing application that has been based on the very unique Tenori-ON hardware. This application has a very different approach towards sound effects. There are 16 by 16 grids that will produce a sound effect each time it is pressed. This means that you have the capability of producing 16 different kinds of sounds and storing them in 16 patterns. These patterns will be triggered in the same sequence as when you stored them.








2. Image-Line FL Studio HD
FL studio is said to be one of the few apps that has a separate version for the iPad and the iPhone. Each app is different and come with amazing features for music editing and production. You will even get playback, editing and recording facility on this app. This is an amazing music app that has amazing tools to alter the music that has been produced.














3. Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg is a really effective music production app that you can download on your iOS device. The best part about this app is that it has the virtual MIDI, track support an AudioBus feature which is tough to find on iOS platforms. The interface is easy to use and you’ll be able to play the songs more conveniently once created. This is a user friendly app to use.










4. Beatwave
Beatwave is a flexible app that is fairly simple to understand. This is an ideal app for beginners who need time to learn how to use a music production app. You can produce tons of musical notes using this app which makes it convenient for you to do everything on one app.











5. BeepStreet iSequence HD
This is another great app that you can download on iOS devices. The app is an all rounder app that comes with over 160 built in instruments for you to try. The app does not have automation features, but if you want to become a pro at this thing, then this is an apt app for you since you’ll learn along the way.











6. Casio Chordana Composer
This is a very unique app in the sense that you need to produce music by using your voice. You will need to input a melody or even a two bar whistle in the microphone of your iPad. You will then need to select from the genres that are available. You can then change your settings so that you get the right harmony. You can even convert a very small input in a fully fledged track with this app.














7. Propellerhead Figure
If you think you’re really creative and you can do a lot with music production, this is the ideal app for you to use. Not only will you be able to create unique and really smart tracks, you’ll also learn a lot more when you use the app regularly. Unlike most of the apps, this is not an app that is recommended for beginners. It’s more on the lines for people who are comfortable using the music production apps and know the functions and how they work.











8. Propellerhead ReBirth
This is a modern version of Propellerhead, however, this one is more on the lines for beginners. If you want to make it big with music production, but you want to learn all your steps well, it’s a smart idea to start off using this app.

9. Native Instruments iMaschine
This is an app that allows you to produce your very own sound effects by programming your music sequences. You will have a number of drum pads and a keyboard that can be programmed as well.












10. Korg iPolysix
Krog is really popular with music developers. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s really effective to use. There’s a lot of flexibility with this app.

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