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How to do keyword research and choose right keywords for your blog

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When we start our blog. We simply want peoples coming to our blog and read the written content.  Everyone wants it and its dream of every blogger. But the thing is does it really happen??

Not with everyone.  Sometimes you are writing your best content but still the article doesn’t get the user’s attraction. The reason is you are not choosing right keywords for your blog. Choosing a right keyword is an integral part of Search engine optimization and a very important activity of On Page SEO.

Here you need to make some research on the keywords for your blog.  Keyword research starts from analyzing the keywords you are using learning the science of the optimizing keywords for your blog.

So let’s check out the methods how we can choose right keywords for our blog.

(1)    Use Simple keywords that peoples search for:-  If peoples are using that search term then including that particular keyword will be beneficial for ranking high in search results.

(2)    Check the relevancy of the keyword:- when you are using any keyword in your blog article. Check out the relevancy. It should not happen that you are writing article on something else and the keywords are of some other theme. So always choose the keywords that are matching your niche perfectly or else search engines are not going to entertain your blog content.

(3)    Analyze your competition’s keywords:- check out other websites, blogs who are working in same niche. Just search for the blogs in Google in same niche. Check out the blogs who are ranking high in the same niche in search results. Analyze their keywords. You will get a good sense how they are choosing keywords for their blogs.

(4)    Choose low competition keywords:- There are some keywords where the competition is not so high. You can grab those keywords and get the benefits. You can login to Google Adwords and use Google keyword planner  to check which keyword is having low competition and what is the search frequency for a particular keyword. How ever mixing high competition keywords will be good with low competition keywords.

(5)    Use Google Trends:- Use Google trends to understand the trend of searches. What are the trending topics and niches in a particular region can be beneficial for you.

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