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5 Top WhatsApp Tricks You must Know

The Facebook-owned App WhatsApp has billion of users. It keeps on adding new features to it from time to time. There are many features provided by the App, but the users do not explore many of them. Here are five of them, which could be useful to you.

1. Get Rid of Those Daunting Blue Ticks

Mom sent a message to know your whereabouts… read the message….and she came to know about it…… of course by those two blue ticks. But you did want to disclose anything to her….What now???. time if this happens, you can use this trick.

When a message is sent by a sender and seen by the recipient, the sender comes to know about it by seeing two blue ticks. But if you want the sender shouldn’t know if the message was seen or not, WhatsApp provides a feature. To do so, go to Menu (three vertical dots)> Setting> Account>Privacy>uncheck ‘Read Receipts’.  But there is a hitch in that; other contacts will also be not able to see those ticks.

But not to worry; if you want to use this trick only for selected contacts, put your mobile phone in Airplane mode and read the message. The sender will never see the blue ticks. Ensure that you have closed the App before switching off Airplane mode.

2. Send Your Location

One of your friends is coming to see you on a special occasion. He has reached your city, but unable to find your house, your lane. So either you would be giving him instruction on your phone, or he would be driving forth and back on the streets.

So, why don’t you share your real-time location with your friend by dropping a pin and get him to make his way to you using the maps?

To do this, follow these steps:

Select the contact> tap on attachment icon> tap on the location> send the location. Within a few minutes, your friend will be standing before you: fresh and happy.



3. Add Your Favorite Chat Link To Home Screen

If you have someone very special and you chat with him or her very frequently, it will surely bother you to go to the App, find the contact and then start your interaction. But here the App itself comes to save the day. You can create a shortcut of the contact to your home screen. How to do that? Select the contact> Tap on three vertical dots on the right top corner of your phone>Tap on More> Tap on Add shortcut; and that’s it, the shortcut icon is on your screen.

4. Unsend/Delete Your Message

Oh! What a blunder!! The message meant for the sweetheart has been sent to father. What to do now? Never mind— it will be unsend in a few seconds. Tap the message> tap the Delete icon> choose “DELETE FOR EVERYONE,” and it’s done; Your father will never read the message, but only if you did the thing before seven minutes of sending the message. But what if those seven minutes are up. You can still delete the message.

Put your phone in airplane mode. Go to Phone Setting> Set the  Date and Time of your phone such that it is within 7 minutes the date and time of sent the message. Now select the message and tap on “DELETE FOR EVERYONE”. Wow! It’s gone.


5. Make your Message Bold and Italic

You can format your text in Whatsapp. If you want to write your message in italic, type underscore sign “_” at the begging and end of the message

_Hello! How are you?_

Hello! How are you?

In case you want to make your message bold, type asterisk sign “*” at the beginning and end of the message.

*This is Nikita here.*

This is Nikita here.


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