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The best movie apps for iPhone

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The use of smartphones has increased over the years with people now being able to perform the various activities they would have been forced to do from their computers or from their television sets right at the comfort of their smartphones. It is even very much possible to watch movies on your iPhone and you will not have to connect it with any other device. All these opportunities have been made possible all because of the great work of the mobile application developers who have come up with very good apps to watch movies from either free or at a certain price. So whether you are one movie addict or you like killing time when waiting for something or for someone, you will now have the opportunity to watch all the movies of your choice while waiting for someone or even as your hobby. All you will be required to have is your iPhone with you at all times and get to purchase or download the best movie iPhone apps to your phone and you will be ready to go. If you do not have an idea of what type of movie apps are perfect for your iPhone, you are at the right place since we will guide you through on some of the best iPhone movie apps that you can have in your iOS smartphone. 


The Movies by Flixster app

This is one movie app you will enjoy having in your phone especially because of the great personalized experience it gives to its users. The app gives you the opportunity to watch all the reviews of those movies you intend to watch and also watch their full trailers which makes you in a great position to choose which type of movies to watch. The app also gives its users an amazing opportunity of keeping a list of all the must watch movies before they are released so that you are notified immediately the movies are released.  With these amazing personalized features, you will surely be in a very good position to watch all the movies that interest you by either watching their trailers or their reviews.

Watch ABC

It has been close to two years now since the ABC network rebuilt their app where the rebuilding of that app brought about some more new features to the app thereby making the app more effective. Although that was their main change on the app, there has been even more changes to increase the efficiency of the app in becoming a renowned app in the mobile movie watching process. The app is a free app and you therefore need to download it to start enjoying the great experience of watching movies it brings to your iPhone.Yo can also use  free full movie downloads for android phones and iphones. The  lovely interface od app  ensures that you enjoy using the app even more. The application also provides you with an opportunity to watch local shows although in restricted areas. This is certainly one app you do not want to miss having on your iPhone.


Netflix has over the years become a very popular movie app where the users of this great app have confessed to this app offering them an amazing opportunity to watch all the movies you could possibly want. After downloading the app to your phone, you are required to have an account and subscribe to Netflix and you will immediately start enjoying the movies of your choice. The app also gives you the opportunity to pause a movie and resume watching it at your own convenient time. If you are a true movie fun, you will possibly like to watch a wide range of movies and it is for this reason that you need to have Netflix on your phone especially since it has a very wide database of movies which are regularly updated and reviews and you will therefore to have access of the both the latest movie releases as well as the older movie releases. With its wide movie database, you can always get to watch even older versions of the movies that were released some years back that you missed on. Apart from this you can download free movies to iphone.The app matches both quality and quantity and you need to try it to full understand what am talking about.

The Hulu Plus app

Hulu has also become a move app to watch out for with its popularity growing more among the younger generation who like to follow on the series that show up daily on the television channels. This is because this app gives its users an opportunity to watch both movies as well as weekly and daily shows on the local television stations. With this app in your iPhone, you will be able to follow up on all the movies and series that you have to watch as they get released since its movie databases is regularly updates to ensure that its users get to watch their favorer movies right from the comfort of the iOS smartphones.  Although it is not a free app to use, it surely does give you the full value of the money you spend purchasing it. The app not only has a wide variety of movies to choose from but also offers its users the opportunity to access the various subtitles provided the movie has its own inbuilt subtitles feature.

The HBO Go app

You have seen the movies or series that have the HBO as their designated movie station for making their premiers on. The HBO has also grown over the years to also become very popular among the movie lovers who get the chance to use this app to watch all the latest releases that are premiered on their channels as well as other type of movies that are premiered elsewhere. You are required to have an account with the HBO for you to have the full access of the available movies in their stores. You need to have this app so that you can have access to all the movies and series that will be premiered here.

There are certainly more apps than we can discuss that you could have in your iPhone but the above are some of the best apps and you need to ensure that you try out any of them or even download all of the and choose the one that impresses you to be your default app for watching movies on your iPhone.


Author Bio: Prerna Puri  is a tech lover,an avid fan of Android and iOS.She  writes  to help Android  and iOS users find best free applications and Games.Contact  her on top7mobiles.

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