Studentdesk an innovative startup to buy and sell reading material

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Today we have an innovative startup which is working as a platform where one can buy, sell and even rent their material. We got a chance to take a quick interview with studentdesk founder Karan Pujara and tried to find out the core objective of studentdesk.in.

(1) Hello Karan, what is studentdesk.in?

Studentdesk.in is platform where readers can buy, sell, exchange, rent or donate their books, magazines or any reading material within their city/institute. It will save their time and money as they don’t have to pay for higher commission rates to books stores while selling their used books and no need to travel around the city to buy/sell their books.

Readers can read books for free by exchanging their books with other users for limited period of time, As they don’t have to pay for each and every novel/magazine they want to read, even no need to pay for library subscription.

Have a look at an introductory video of Studentdesk.in which will help you to understand the concept in a better and clear way:

(2) What is the objective of studentdesk and how it’s benefiting the community.

India has made progress in literacy, but is that all for us to have bright future? No. Now our people should be educated.   How ? Books, books are the answer.  But  most of us student can not access them, because we can not afford. This is exactly where student desk come into play. Student desk enable students to exchange, donate and re-sell the used books. This will help students to access widest range of reading material with much less budget.

(3) How studentdesk came in existence from inception.

As a student I always faced problem buying new books for the semester, or for leisure. Buying used books was an option but it was always difficult to reach people who wanted to sell their used books. Eventually I realized it is just not me, most of the students in India face this problem and hence are not able to read as much they would want to. Thus I selected studentdesk as a my final year engineering project and set forth in the mission of developing Studentdesk to make books more easily accessible and affordable.

(4) About founder and co founders?

I am Karan Pujara, basically from Bhuj – Kutch, and currently operating from Ahmedabad. I finished my Diploma in Computer Engineering from Nirma University and my Bachelor’s Degree from A. D. Patel Institute and founder of StudenDesk.in

After Diploma when I got placed in one of the reputed MNC, a few days in my first job dawned on me as realization of the life I wanted to live. The life where I can stir a positive change in the society and be a part of developing India. So after resigning from the job, I went for a Bachelors Degree and ardently set on mission of doing something, that can make a positive difference.

(5) The vision and future plans regarding startups.

within the next few years our main aim would be to reach each and every college across india and also to make studentdesk.in, india’s biggest online open library for used books.

(6) how can someone reach studentdesk team.

email:info@studentdesk.in , +91 9067843678

facebook: www.fb.com/studentdesk.in

twitter: www.twitter.com/studentdesk_in

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