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how to use adobe illustrator best tips and tricks

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We (designers) use Adobe Illustrator in different way, we can use its workflow in very efficient manner. Try to be creative and productive by never do repetitive task. There are many ways by that we can save the time by using some tricks. These tips and tricks will make your work far easy and save a lot of precious time of yours that you can use in other productive tasks. so lets check out how to use adobe illustrator with these shortcuts and tricks.

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(1) Try to make your workspace according to your , the panels which you mostly used should be on your workspace. (Workspace is arrangement of panels in Illustrator).

Goto Window menu >> Workspace >> New Workspace.

Just click on Reset if you want to reset the Panel. Nice trick huh  🙄

(2) Use Actions to record a sequence of those commands which you used and can work for other file too. It will automate the repetitive task.

Goto Windows >> Actions.

(3) Always use shortcuts while working on any designing software. With the shortcuts you can save time. There are some default shortcuts is in Adobe Illustrator, but do you know we can create our own shortcuts as well. We can modify the default shortcut settings too.

Goto Edit >> Keyboard Shortcuts Or Just click Alt+Shift+Ctrl+k.

(4) Work on Layers, working on Layers helps you to quickly navigate the object. always give name to the layer, it helps you to find out the object. For Example: If we are designing an eye in a layer so give rename that layer to EYE.

Goto Windows >> Layers Or Just click F7.

(5) Maintain a Library, create custom swatches, colors, graphic style and brushes. Maintain Symbol Library, with this we can save our symbol and next time when we use it, we just need to drag and drop it. When you create this always give some proper name so that when you open your software again you remember that name.

So these were some best tips tricks that you can use while using adobe illustrator and make your work easy. Comment below if you have any query and keep checking nextrollout for my upcoming posts on designing.

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