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Hey Guys!

Are you learning the designing from scratch? No worries, I am here to guide you how you can be good in designing and how you can improve it. So from the beginning I am starting it with the basic concepts of designing. Whenever you are going to design something (it may be a website, a business card, a company brochure or simply a painting) keep these points in mind and i am sure that you will soon see the improvements in the outcome.

Here are these Basics of designing:

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Inspiration:  Always open your eyes and see around you. You can get inspiration from many objects in your surroundings it’s not like you have to find a specific or exclusive object to focus on, Ideas are all around you. To get new ideas you can attend photography exhibitions, watch movies or you can play your favourite games with your friends.

inspiration from surroundings


Message: Before creating anything study your target audience, that will help you to convey your message with your design.


Color sense: To make your design more effective you should have knowledge of color sense. Which product required what color. Don’t use many colors in a single design until it is highly required.


Typography: Typography runs very important role in all design projects. Learn the basic terms of typography to give the life of the design.


Alignment: Alignment allow us to create a visual connection with the audience.


Use a Grid: Grids are essential when you design a book, magazine, Advertisement or website layout. By grids we can check the alignment of every graphic.

So these were the basic elements of designing. Hope these steps helps you. Comment below if you have any query and keep checking nextrollout for my upcoming posts on designing.

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