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how to choose the right color for your brand

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Hello Friends, Today we are going to discuss which color suits to our brand, make sure that you are sending right message to your audience with choosing of right color. With right color we can communicate our message to the audience.

Have you ever noticed hospital + sign is always in red color, green color in agriculture department?

Integrate your brand color across the board – in your LOGO, LANDING PAGE, PRODUCT, COMPANY BRANDING and many more – To achieve the highest impact.

Now the question is how do people respond to different colors? Every color gives different response from humans.

Color is divided into two categories: warm color and cool color.

brand color

Here we are explaining the psychology of COLOR, so that according to the audience requirement, we can use that color:



RED: The hottest and most dynamic color, red is  exciting, stimulating, daring, dynamic, activating, powerful, passionate, bold and sexy.

ORANGE: Orange color not as overwhelming as red,orange is balanced color that is  warm, excitement, friendly, vital, inviting, energetic and playful.

YELLOW: The brightest and most energizing of warm color, yellow color is symbol of happy, caution, bright, cheerful, energetic and hope.



GREEN: Green represent stability and inspires possibility. This cool secondary color is money, health, food, nature, fresh, healing, soothing and prestigious.

BLUE: Blue color categorized in calm and spirituality. Blue color represents comfort, loyalty, security, stable, serenity, peace and trustworthiness.

PURPLE: Purple color represents royal, religion, elegant, sensuality, spirituality, creativity and imagination.



BLACK: Black color represents power, dramatic, serious, strong, mysterious and elegant.

GREY: Grey color represents business, distinctive, neutrality and calm. A lack of energy can be associated with conservative design.

WHITE: White color represents the clean, pure, hope and simplicity.

BROWN: Represents nature, aged, eccentric, earth,  durability and security.

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