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Offbeat Social Media Marketing Tips step-up clicks and conversions

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Having a website and properly maintained search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough anymore for a successful business. With the social media taking over the internet marketing, one has to strategize well seeing that a high percentage of web traffic comes from social channels. You must check the social media strategy if your website is running below the success benchmark.


Even if you are pulling good traffic from social channels, there is always a scope for more and you can do way better. Here are few tactics which has helped users around the world in boosting up their social media presence. Check with your social media marketing company today and do the needful.

  • Facebook Pages is a thing of past. With the new updates, the organic searches for pages have diminished. Internet marketers and strategists should as an alternative think about creating and managing Facebook Groups. The plus point being users can opt for direct notifications.
  • Link on various platforms. Convert Twitter followers into Facebook members and Google Plus contacts to Linked-In connections and so on. Regular content sharing on all the platforms mean that you stay on the mind of your audience for maximum of time.
  • Be the common interest. Identify and encourage like minded people for better interactions; doing so, you will always be remembered as a common interest which is beneficial for your business.
  • Mind the format of your tweets. Internet marketing is all about catching the attention of users. Customizing the format is a great way of doing so. Different font colors receive elevated attention. Big reputed companies have their fixed symbols and formatting which is a component of brand development.
  • Long and relevant posts. Although some search engines don’t give you the freedom of limitless word count, there are yet many platforms like Google Plus that persuade discussions for longer posts. It is a myth that longer posts receive lesser number of hits.
  • Change your attire. Professional outlook works with your clients and employs but web users reward humor and out of the box conversations. Don’t mind being a little weird. Calculated risks are good for your business.
  • Don’t give up your integrity. This is commonly seen that websites for the sake of effective PR tolerate bad behavior of customers. Sometimes this gives the opposite results. There are situations when you have to fire appalling customers to maintain the integrity of the brand.
  • Give your views on current issues. See what people are talking about and don’t just follow the herd and give your independent positive views on the issue. Always write broad view on the enraging issues despite your personal standing. Keep this in mind that this is your company’s post and not anything personal. Maintain optimism.
  • Follow a structure. While replying, push your followers into a particular vision. Open-ended questions invite canned replies. A set structure of replies helps in creating a positive image of your brand.

 About Author : Anna Stewart is a SEO & Web Design Consultant at 1 Source MG in Las Vegas, NV. She has more than 3 years of exprience in Website Design and SEO in Las Vegas. She is also a part-time blogger who loves writing and sharing the information on various topics like wordpress, technology, SEO, business, Latest News, Internet Marketing and PPC.

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