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List of top 10 (Internet download manager) IDM to download torrent

Here i am with the list of top 10 Internet download managers. Most of the time we search internet for free movies downloads from torrent or sometimes free songs or sometime we want to download multiple files at once.  A download manager (IDM) can do all these tasks for you.  The best thing about these download managers is that thay use packet data terminology. If you pause the download for a while and start the download again the download manager will resume the download from its previous state and not from the starting. Also this works fine in slow internet too. So you save a lot of internet data and time and you can easily download torrent files with them even in slow internet.

Let’s check out these 10 IDM and compre them on their features.

(1) Flashget Flashget is one of the best internet download manager.  This IDM can attach with any browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozila Firefox etc. Flashget download large files from multiple locations and thats the reason the file get downloaded faster then usual download. It uses data packet terminology to download files so the download can be paused and resumed anytime. It will again start the download from the seeds where it  was stopped or paused.

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(2) Putdrive Putdrive is an online cloud file downloader. The beauty of this IDM is that it download and saves the files in online cloud file storage like Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive.

putdrive IDM

(3) Free Download Manager Free Download Manager has won Webuser Gold Award in 2007. It’s an open source downloader and free to download.

(4) GetRight Getright also works on segmented file transfer and the file download can be paused and resumed anytime.

(5) iFetcher – This downloader works with Internet Explorer. This is a free IDM and you can download this download manager from

(6) BitComet  BitComet  is a multithreaded download manager. It is developed in C++ and can download multiple files simultaneously.

(7) Orbit Downloader – Orbit Downloader works with almost all browsers and downloads embeded videos & files from websites like Youtube, Pandora and Rapidshare.

(8) Boxopus This downloader is build to download files from torrent.  Boxopus is very popular IDM to download and upload files in torrent. There are two types of accounts in Boxopus. Free and Paid versions. You can use its free version with limited features.

(9) Torrenthandler Torrenthandler is also a good choice to download files from torrent.

(10)  Eagleget  Eagleget is a free IDM and claims to download file upto 6 times that means it works as a download speed accelerator also.

You can download and try any of these Free IDM. If you face any issue while using them let me know with just a comment. i will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

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