How to segregate important emails in Outlook

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Hello friends, When we setup a mail account in Outlook. We start receiving all emails into our Inbox folder. It’s easy to manage your inbox when there are few emails. But in a situation when we are getting  a lot of emails and from different Ids. This becomes  tough to search even a single mail sometimes.

Business guys generally face such problems as each and every email is important for them and the inbox is filled with various emails with important and non important emails.

The solution for this problem is to make separate folders of all the important email and route the mails into respective folders.

For example:  I usually get emails from my three friends ram, shyam and ramesh. so to manage their emails i will make three separate folders and route their mails by adding rules. So now onwards when ram will mail me his mail will be stored in ram’s folder in Outlook automatically, and similar for shyam and ramesh.

Let’s learn how do we do it.

Step 1: Make a separate folder where you want to route your emails.

Step 2: Goto Tools menu -> Rules and Alerts -> New Rule 

Step 3: After clicking new rules a Rules Wizard window will appear. here you have to select the rule (e.g. Move messages from someone to a folder) which is step1 in the wizard. in step2 see the link people or distribution list. When you click on this link you will see a list of emails. choose an email id from that list for whose emails have to routed.  After selecting the email id select the folder you want to route the emails.


Step 4: Just click next and finish the wizard. you will see all the emails are coming from routed emails are automatically getting stored in that folder.

It’s a good way to manage all the emails of your Outlook and segregate important emails from non important emails.

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