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How To Block Websites On Google Chrome?
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Do you want to block some specific websites which are annoying you? Or Do you want to block certain websites which are not suitable for your kids? Or do you wish to block some sites so that your employees will not use this while working in the office? So, must

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Best Way To Contact Facebook Team Directly For Support
FacebookTips and Tricks

In today’s scenario internet, giant Facebook has around 2 billion monthly active users. It’s not just the common users but Facebook has the personal information of a lot of celebrities and public figures. Since it’s a social media platform where everyone keeps his/her personal stuff and yes there are options

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Internet SecurityWindows

In this technology equipped world, the machinery has replaced the hard work with the smart work. One best example of this is an invention of the Charles Babbage i.e the Computer. People have entirely become dependent on the computer which has reduced the daily work load and has made it

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Why My Computer Is Too Slow? Common Tips To Improve The Speed Of Computer?
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Are you dealing with the most common question “Why my computer is too Slow”? Or why my computer’s performance is not like before? If your answer is yes then you are at correct place. Most of us suffering the same PC issues. But Right off the bat, first, we have

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A good brand helps you connect with your customer, they feel good when they buy the brand. Now, the question is what is branding? A common misconception is, branding is simply a logo this is not at all true. Branding goes way beyond just a logo. When you think about

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ir led

Today @ NRO we are going to dig into technology that can be a better and cheap alternative for night vision. Unfortunately, true night vision in even the lowest quality can cost thousands of rupees just for the optic alone, excluding hardware necessary to mount the optic to a helmet

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sql tutorials

SQL Joins as used to combine the contents of two or more tables and produce a result set that incorporates rows and columns from each table. Tables are typically joined using data that they have in common. Join conditions can be specified in either the FROM or WHERE clauses; specifying

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Free Downloads

Happy Independence day America. Today all american are proudly celebrating Independence Day of United State of America. On the occasion of this day we are bringing you some of the fun facts about 4th July. On this very day colonies came together and fought against the massive British Army and finally

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free proxy server list
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Here i am again with a brand new list of free anonymous proxy servers. While most of the online proxy servers i have already revealed in my previous post on proxy server to unblock restricted websites. There are many proxy available on internet but some proxy are no longer working and

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download youtube music
Free Downloads

So we are back again to talk about your favorite topic “Music”. YouTube Music is the most content rich source to download music & videos. So I am breaking the process into two parts how you can download and convert YouTube music videos in MP3 format. (1) Download the YouTube

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