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Tips to get highest discount on deals from online shopping sites

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This is festive season and everywhere on internet you can find heavy discounts on products and gadgets like mobile phones, Tablets, Televisions and various other electronic products and home appliances. These online companies are earning huge profits because of this festive season and Same time consumers are equally excited to buy their favorite products on heavy discount. These discounts are luring consumers to buy most of products online rather going to retail stores. One side online shopping websites are providing you an easy and convenient way to buy products online but on the other hand You may face problems because:

 (1) You are not properly comparing the products on other stores.

 (2) You may be a victim of online fraud as many fraud online shopping websites are selling fake products or on defected products.

So to avoid the online fraud and to buy lowest price products just remember these tips.

(1) Try not to buy from unknown brands until you have investigated about this website properly. Just because they are giving lowest price in online shopping, You don’t care about the authenticity of the website.

online shopping tips

(2) Compare product prices from different stores on product comparison websites. Some of such website to compare prices are:






(3) Keep an eye on facebook and twitters accounts of online shopping companies. These companies keep posting best discounted products updates on their social media accounts.

(4) Don’t just compare product prices online. Go to retail shops and compare the same product and modal prices there. As in festive season retail stores also offer good discounts on products. It’s better to compare both online and offline. Who knows you may get cheapest price on retail store itself.

(5) Some online shopping websites (e.g Flipkart, Snapdeal) provide supplier phone numbers. You can directly call them and bargain on the same product to get good discount on the same product.

(6) One good trick to get good offers from online shopping company is just select the product you want to buy and add it into the shopping cart. Keep the product in cart and leave it. You will start getting offer emails on same product from online shopping company to excite you to buy that product.

So friends use these tips and you may get heavy discount on your online purchase. Comment below if you have any other tips. It may help someone like us.

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