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meaning of lol,asl,wtf,btw,omg,faq,fyi and other most used abbreviations

Ever since the internet chatting has evolved. Uses of abbreviations are very common. Earlier the short words were used to reduce typing long sentences and express your feelings in abbreviations. But now if you see these slang words have come in verbal use in our daily life also. Now days everyone uses these words in internet chat, mobile messages or our normal gossip. abbreviations  or slang terms have become so familiar in our regular use that we don’t even realize when we are using them sometimes. So let’s understand when these slang words actually mean.

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LOL: laugh out loud

ASAP : As soon as possible

TBH : To be honest

GEEZ : Jesus

GRAND : One thousand $

419 : Nigerian Email Scam

2 : To

OTT : Over the top

ROFL : Rolling On Floor Laughing

H5 : High Five

ASL: Age/Sex/Location

BTW: By the Way

ATM: At the Moment

WTF: What the Fuck

WB: Welcome Back

SYS: see you soon

SUP: What’s up

OMG: Oh my God!

IC: I See

ILU: I Love You

IM: Instant Messenger

DND: Do not disturb

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

FYI: For your information

GR8: Great

GTG: Got to Go

GF:  girl friend

BF: boy friend

RIP: Rest in Piece

SEC: second

Sry : sorry

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