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how to connect my laptop to the internet using my android phone

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If you have an android phone you can easily run internet on your laptop through your phone.  Also not just you can use phone internet on your laptop but by making your phone a WiFi hub you can connect multiple laptops to your phone and share phone internet to all connected computers.

All you need is your system should have WiFi receiver. If you are using a desktop computer and your computer does not supports WiFi. you can buy an external WiFi receiver and connect it.
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There are three methods how you can run internet on your system using your phone. let’s check them out one by one-

To see these options in your phone just follow the steps below:-

Goto Settings -> More Networks -> Tethering and portable hotspot

(1) by Portable WiFi Hub: This option gives you facility to make your phone function as a WiFi Hub. You can connect more then one computer to the WiFi Hub. the network will be password protected and you need to enter password to connect to Wifi network. Just switch on this option and your device will automatically convert into a WiFi hub.

Making a WiFi hub can consume you phone battery faster so use this option only when you have to connect more then one computer to internet.

(2) by USB Tethering: You will need the data cable to use this option. You will need to connect your phone with laptop using data cable. After the cable is connect to both the devices properly you can switch on this option.

(3) by Bluetooth Tethering: when both the devices has Bluetooth available. You can connect both of them using Bluetooth and use phones internet  in your computer.

Now you can choose the best option for you 🙂

also don’t forget to keep your mobile data on.

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