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How to prevent your kids from sexting

If you have caught your kids sharing sexually explicit photograph or messages then you would be getting furious on the situation and don’t exactly know how to react on it.

Don’t be so nervous, this is a common issue between growing kids. At this age, they are curious and want to know more about sexuality.

1- watch out his/her friends and their activities. It’s because the surroundings influence you to a significant extent.

2- Be Supportive, talk to your kid openly as a friend and try to understand her.

3- The best viable way is to educate your kid. If you really have no idea on how to explain her the things you can try this book.

4- Keep an eye on your kid’s activities time to time (Online and Offline).

5- There are apps like which can help you track the online activity of your kids. Though there are various other apps, I will be talking about them separately in my upcoming post.

6- Talk to them about implications of sexting. There are various implications involved in it.

7- In case of depression you can take help of counselor or therapist.

Though the situation can be scary for most of the parents but this is an advise them to keep calm and try discussing with your kids openly so that they don’t feel shy or fear when reporting any unusual thing happened to them.

This is an appeal to all the parents to share the tips that has worked for them so that other parents who are facing the same issue can get help. Also share it with your near ones so that we get more better opinion on it.

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