Download youtube videos in seconds with ilivid

download youtube videos- downloader

Youtube generally does not support downloading of its videos. That means you can just view the videos on Youtube and can not download it directly.

But there are some tools out there who can help you download your favorite videos from Youtube. ilivid is such software. You can download it from from website. This software is free to use and you can download as many videos as you can using this. Also you can download a video in segments like some part of video you can download today and rest part you can download some other day.

How to Download Youtube Videos

(1) Just go to youtube and find the video you want to download.

(2) once you have selected the video. copy the url in address bar of the browser.

(3) paste the url into the paste link section of the iLivid software.

(4) You are done. the video will be download to the default location.



ilivid download manager-download youtube videos

Trust me this software is really very fast and will download videos at the maximum speed. You just have to download a small setup and install it to your system.