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download free simple bug tracker software in ms access

Here is a simple bug tracker software FREE for download.  A bug tracker software is generally a software application which keeps tracks of Bug List and makes it easy to manage them. However there are several paid software available over internet. You can purchase there licence and start using them but the licencing cost of such softwares is very high and also if you are not a very big organization then there is no use spending your hard earned money on this. Rather there are many free open source tools available free of cost to download and use. You can simply download then and use them.

So if your requirement is not so large and you just want a small software to track the status of bugs of your project. you can download this free giveaway. its a standalone software and will be used in single system only.  Download link is given below to download the software.

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Also please keep in mind you will require Microsoft Access to run this software. please give me feedback about this defect tracking tool and let me know if you require any help using this small software.

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